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Tianjin Daily:Summer Davos shows brilliant activities    2008-07-28 19:26

The press conference for 2008 Summer Davos Forum held recently in Tianjin Grand Hall disclosed some information to the media.

Huang Xingguo, Tianjin’s mayor and director of the preparation committee of Summer Davos met André Schneider, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of World Economic Forum, and gave a speech at the press conferment. He Ronglin, vice chairman of the Tianjin Political Consultative Conference and deputy director of the preparation committee of Summer Davos presided over the press conference.

At the conference, Huang Guoxing briefed the current economic and social development of Tianjin and the progress of the preparation work of the forum; afterward, Schneider briefed the basic conditions of the forum and answered questions from the reporters together with officials of the preparation committee.

Huang said that this year is the 30th anniversary of China’s reform and opening-up, so it is a right time for Tianjin to hold Summer Davos. Summer Davos will the most influential international conference held in China after the Olympic Games. Tianjin is the largest coastal open city in North China and one of famous historic and cultural city. Since the reform and opening up, Tianjin made great achievements in the economic and social development. After entering into the new century, Tianjin Binhai New Area was included into the national overall arrangement of development strategy and attracted wide attentions from all over the world. At present, as all works of development and opening up of Binhai New Area are in progress, the buildings of industrial functional areas are speeded up. A batch of important projects have been started up in succession, while the main traffic system, dominated by “two ports” and “two roads”, make an essential progress. Taking the chance of the forum, we will demonstrate Tianjin’s fruits of reform and opening up and Binhai New Area’s achievements of development opening up, and learn progressive concept and successful experiences from home and abroad. With full of confidence, we are determined to hold a high-level and safe international forum with characteristics.

Huang said CPC Tianjin Committee and Tianjin Municipal Government paid attention to the preparation work of Summer Davos. In order to fulfill all tasks thoroughly, we established a special institution, specified work schemes and divided works and tasks to individuals. Tianjin will present three gifts to this forum. First of all, Beijing-Tianjin Express will be formally open to traffic. Secondly, A320 FAL will begin to assemble aircrafts. Thirdly, Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city will start business. Therefore, hospitable local people will get ready for welcoming Chinese and foreign guests. As the host city, we will specify our works and strive for satisfying the World Economic Forum and enable all participants to understand the development of Tianjin and Binhai New Area.

At the conference, Schneider briefed that Tianjin attached attention to Davos Forum and completed all preparation works in an effective and pragmatic manner, laying a firm foundation for the successfully convening of the forum. At present, as multiple world well-known enterprises signs up the forum, with a registered number exceeding those of last year, the forum has a increasingly rising influence. The world regards global growing companies as key driving forces for the new round of fast growth. Themed on “the new round of growth tide”, the annual conference will build a platform of communication and cooperation for growing companies worldwide and boost to grow up further.

Under the unified organization of the preparation committee of the forum, all works are under ordered progress at present. The rebuilding and expansion project of Binhai International Convention & Exhibition Center, covering an area of 120,000 sq m, is completed currently; foreign side will decorate the venue at the end of August. Beside themed activities, a series of economic and trade negotiation activities will also be branched out at the forum. Breakfasts of various themes will be planed to be held in the hotels of representatives and included into the formal agenda. Meanwhile, we will arrange business inspection and tourism activities themed on environment friendly industry, life science and medicine, port logistics, prospect of Binhai New Area for young leaders and scientists and other guests and enable them to approach and under Tianjin. For the sake of welcome the forum, the preparation committee made considerate plans for all preparation works such as accommodation, catering, security, traffic management, foreign propaganda and media service, volunteer recruitment and training and kept up to improve them.

The forum will reportedly invite 1,500 Chinese and foreign guests from more than 70 countries and regions. Of which 1,000 are CEOs from international enterprises, while others are governmental officials, experts and scholars, celebrities and persons-in-charge of medial. According to the decision of the forum, the annual conference, themed on “the new round of growth tide”, will study problems occurred in the new round of growth tide in global economy, China’s growth to be a vital force of world economic growth and the development mode of innovation-oriented economy, probe into all opportunities that can be used by growing enterprises and inspired the creativities of new leaders.

Known as “the annual conference for new leaders”, Summer Davos is the second largest backbone conference for the World Economic Forum.Reporters of more than 60 media from home and abroad joined in the press conference.

From:Tianjin Daily    Editor: Zhang Jialu
Preparatory & Coordination Committee of Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2008