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Tianjin builds 20 important service projects    2008-07-28 20:13

( ascertained 20 important service projects in September 2007 and boosted them as key economic growth points driving Tianjing’s service industry. The rising of modern service industry brings fresh vigor to Tianjin’s development.

Beichen Steel Logistic Park: Scientific development revitalizes traditional enterprises

Beichen Steel Logistic Park, located in Tianmu Town in Beichen District, sees constant flow of trucks and hot market trade.

Beichen Steel Logistic Park includes the steel logistic storage area, the processing and package area, the collection and distribution area and the professional trade market. It forms existing steel markets centering current Chubao and Baochuling steel trade markets, registers 500 deals, owns warehouses and production and processing workshops of 1100000m2, 107 hoisting equipment and 1000 vehicles and covers steel sheet, section steel, nonferrous metal, furnace burden and stainless steel.

According to Mu Huajie, head of Tianmu Town, Beichen Steel Logistic Park focuses on steel trade at present. In the near future, the park will focus on building production and transport links such as steel processing and distribution, forms a development mode of modern logistic industry, fully joins in each production and circulation link and builds the largest steel logistic distribution center in North China.

The brilliant development prospect of Beichen Steel Logistic Park is attributed to its natural traffic advantage. It includes the largest railway marshalling station in North China, Nanchang Station, whose 26 special lines transport cargos on a daily basis and play a great role traffic radiation.

Nowadays, some traditional enterprises in the park are seeking for adaptable aspects in the entirely new plan, eliminating unharmonious factors in previous development and transferring to modern logistic enterprises. Mu Huajie said Beichen Steel Logistic Park will focus on the concept of scientific development and integrates traditional state-owned enterprises in its development plan; at the same time, it will take the change of the development and opening up of Binhai New Area, keep improving service functions of processing and distribution and expand service coverage, so as to prolong its life and realize benefit growth.

Beichen Steel Logistic Park covers an area of 5.45km2, with a growing annual trade volume of 10 billion yuan. The traditional steel trade market is striding forwards the operational mode of modern logistic park.

Yangliuqing Folk & Cultural Resort: characteristics flourishes traditional culture

The Yangliuqing Folk & Cultural Resort will be built in Xiqing District dominated by Yangliuqing Courtyard Area and Yuanbao Island. In the future, the resort will be a cultural and trade zone integrating entertainment, tourism and service and a new bright spot in Tianjin’s modern service industry.

The Yangliuqing Courtyard Area will include a Chinese woodcut and New Year painting museum and a museum group. In which, Dong’s Courtyard is rebuilt as a model courtyard to demonstrate Yangliuqing folk culture.

Meanwhile, Yuanbao Island is close to the Yangliuqing Courtyard Area only with a street in between, both are adjacent to Yuhe River. On the island, the Wenchang Pavilion, located at the center, is the only well-preserved building of Ming Dynasty, while temples and courtyards will be built around it. In the future, Yuanbao Island will be the native place of Yangliuqing Courtyard Area and demonstrate its folk culture.

The Yangliuqing Folk & Cultural Resort features folk culture, in turn, folk culture is the special characteristic of Yangliuqing Town. As one of 20 key service projects of service industry, it intrinsically integrates the primitive culture of the ancient town and its modern comprehensive service functions.

The Yangliuqing Folk & Cultural Resort accomplished an investment of 140 million yuan by the end of October 2007 and plans to accomplish 940 million yuan in 2008. After completion, it will be the only modern service area focusing on folk and cultural tourism.    Editor: Zhang Jialu
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