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Former Residence of Huo Yuanjia    2008-07-30 06:18


The founder of Martial Art Sports Associations, Huo Yuanjia, is well renowned for his consummate martial arts and strong patriotic passion. The farmhouse in Little Nanhe Village, Xiqing District was his former residence. It is a common yard built by black tiles and earthen bricks, with 3 rooms (one bright and two dim ones) built with earthen bricks in which are displayed the daily articles and brief introduction of the situation at that time. The photo of Huo Yuanjia was taken in 1909 in Tianjin. The condolence couplet “righteous life, matchless hero” was written by his second son Huo Dongge. The eastern room was the bedroom of Huo Yuanjia. In order to commemorate him, his hometown folks established cemetery for im, in which there're inscription of Sun Zhongshan in white marble torii and half-length statue of Huo Yuanjia in the bushes    Editor: Zhang Jialu
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