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Series report of Global Economics:“From Davos to Tianjin”    2008-07-30 06:41

Under the support of foreign affairs departments and Tianjin Guangdian Group, Binhai Channel of Tianjin TV sent reporters to Davos late April with the aim at understanding conditions related to organization and internal operation of the “World Economic Forum” and learning experiences for the coming Tianjin Davos Forum.


Introduction of Davos

Though Switzerland was rainy in April, its hills were capped by white snows. As a famous place for skiing, Mount Blanc boasts beautiful natural sceneries; as a home to elites, Davos gathers diversified points of view. Davos, seeing snow-capped mountains and tree-surrounded lakes, becomes a focus of world economies and gets economic elites together. As the Summer Davos Forum will be held in this September, the coastal town will become a hot land of economies and attract batches of participants to Switzerland. Binhai Channel will record the Davos Forum by camera.

Brainstorms will be made to tackle economic issues; arguments will be aroused to explore the essence of the economic forum. Participants can enjoy beautiful landscapes in Lausanne and reach fairyland beside Genava Lake. In the headquarters, chairman Claus Schwab takes the chair; in the small town, mayors are present in person. During the forum, participants can understand the history of the Olympic Games in Lausanne and learn experiences of financial reform in Zurich.

Visitors can appreciate both cultural and natural spots of Switzerland and understand both Chinese and western theories at all times. Binhai Channel will shoot the beautiful sceneries for audiences. Although these sceneries are merely a few spots of Davos, audiences can have a rich imagination of other places. As the Summer Davos Forum draws near, Binhai Channel will make efforts to report voices from new leaders and Binhai New Area.

Under the support of Tianjin TV, I made a trip to Davos and wrote the article to tell my true thoughts. In the days to come, I will make live reports from Davos.


A shooting group, consisting of six persons, arrived in Switzerland in this April. From Geneva, Lausanne, Davos to Zurich, they unveiled the Davos Forum step by step.

Chapter I: First impression to Davos

In freezing winter every year, economic elites took 20-odd hours to gather in Davos, a quiet small town in northeast Switzerland. At the foot of Alps, they had brainstormed for five days. In the past, Davos is known as a place for recuperation. A 17-kilometer-long valley weaves between snow-capped mountains, while diversified European houses are scattered everywhere, it is hardly conceivable that the quiet small town can attract so many economic giants. However, brainstorms of economic circle sweep all over the world herefrom every winter. As a result, Davos experiences reforms once and again.

Chapter II: Approach to Davos

The headquarters of the World Economic Forum is located in Geneva, an international city, overlooking the mysterious snow-capped peak of Mount Blanc at the other side of Geneva Lake. Approaching to the headquarters of the forum, the internationalized, compatible and effective work style is so impressive. However, when young professor Claus Schwab founded “European Management Forum” 36 years ago, no one makes an imagination that the unknown forum can develop to be a gather for top business leaders worldwide. Over the 36 years, the forum grows to be a cradle of new concepts leading future economies. From “the changing pattern of strength” to “supreme lending crisis”, wide topics and novel ideas are important factors on the development trend of the world economy; a relaxed, equal, free and open atmosphere of exchange also attract elites from all over the world.

Chapter III: Ties to Davos

《财经视界》系列报道“从达沃斯到天津”  2008-06-16 19:17



















China, 8,000 kilometers from Switzerland, is closely tied to it in 1970s. At the top-grade forum of the world economy, China’s status becomes important with the passage of time. The Summer Davos went out of Switzerland in 2007 and started up its “China strategy”. In this autumn, Tianjin Binhai New Area will listen to voices from new pioneers worldwide.

From:    Editor: Zhang Jialu
Preparatory & Coordination Committee of Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2008