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78.Nearly 90 percent of urban and rural residentshold positive attitudes towards public securityof Tianjin    2008-09-22 11:33

Since 1991, the National Bureau of Statisticsreleased nine times to the public the comprehensiveevaluation results of domestic regionalsocial development level. The social securitycomposite index of Tianjin has ranked the firstamong provinces, municipalities and autonomousregions of China, and Tianjin becomesthe safest city in China.

In the “2007 selection activities of the mostwell-being cities in China (Chinese Mainland)”launched by Oriental Outlook Weekly andother media, Tianjin has also been rated as “thesafest city felt by the residents”. According to apublic opinion survey held by Popular FeelingsResearch Department of Tianjin Social ScienceInstitute, the rate of positive attitudes of urbanand rural residents in Tianjin towards the socialorder reached 89 percent and the rate of satisfactionstowards security departments andpolice reached 92 percent.

Public security departments in Tianjin organizedand implemented a series of specialactions, including “fighting robbery and theft”,“tracking down homicide cases”, “anti-gangcampaign”, “online manhunt”, “prohibitingdrug and gambling”, so on and so forth. Theyalso timely organized several large-scale, multifacet,round-the-clock security patrols. Morethan 10,000 civilian police go to the streetsand strengthen the security of busy places,dangerous areas and key areas. More than 700armed plainclothes groups scatter in differentplaces of the city all day long, which effectivelydeter the criminals and enjoy the reputation of“patron saint” of public security.

In 2007, all levels of public security departmentsin Tianjin cracked 36,000 criminal cases, and thecase-solving rate increased by 6.3 percentagepoints, among which the solving rate of criminalcases that seriously affected the safety of themasses increased by 1.6 percentage points yearon-year. The solving rate of kidnapping caseswas 100 percent, with the occurring rate of criminalcases decreasing by 0.7 percent. In addition,the public security departments at all levels alsocracked cases of illegal and criminal activities inthe economic arena. They cracked 5,084 variouseconomic crime cases, retrieving a loss of nearlyRMB 1.4 billion yuan. At the same time, theystrengthened traffic, fire safety managementand training, so that casualties and economiclosses caused by traffic accidents and fires alsodecreased significantly compared with the sameperiod last year.

Tianjin public security departments vigorouslypromote and develop the social security preventionand control system, with the backbonebody of “Police Defense Network, the CivilDefense Network, and Technology DefenseNetwork”. Adhering to the principle of “sendingpolice forces to the grass root level”, theydivide scientifically the patrol areas, as well ascontinuously adjust and enrich the frontlinepolice forces. Along with strengthening policeforces, Tianjin enriches the network of civildefense and governance. Reception roomsof more than 10,000 enterprises and institutionswere transformed to security rooms, withtotal civil defense forces reaching more than240,000 people. Regarding the establishmentof technology defense facilities, Tianjin has installed100,000 video surveillance probes anddevelops 15,000 users of “GSM + GPS vehiclealarm system”. All these efforts and facilitieshave been playing an important role on preventingand combating crimes.

Tianjin has also encouraged righteous behavingand vigorously promotes social justiceto make righteous behaving a shiny brand ofTianjin. In recent years, Tianjin government hascommended and given awards to more than2,000 righteous behaviors. There have been 62individuals with righteous behavior awardedwith the municipal honorary titles by TianjinMunicipal People’s Government. Seven peoplewith righteous behaviors were awarded thenational honorary titles. Righteous behaviorsresulted in more than 1,000 various criminalscaptured, more than 1,200 criminal casescracked, and more than 600 people saved.Tianjin Righteous Behaving Association wonthe title of the national advanced work units ofrighteous behaving.    Editor: Zhao Jing
Preparatory & Coordination Committee of Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2008