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84.Tianjin: the first city to use specialized legislation to protect historical buildings    2008-09-22 13:51

In 2005, according to the Protection Regulationsof Historical Building in Tianjin, 672historical buildings of 1019.7 thousand squaremeters and 6 historical districts were identifiedas protected constructions. This regulation isthe first regional special legislation in China toprotect historical buildings.

As a State-level historical city, Tianjin is oneof the cities that received Western culture andformed unique Chinese-Western city culture aswell as preserved a lot of various kinds of buildingsof unique geographical characteristics.

Through a census in Tianjin, there are 854buildings (1330 thousand square meters) preliminarilylisted in the range of protection forhistorical buildings. They all have history ofmore than 50 years with historical, cultural,scientific, artistic, and cultural values to reflectthe characteristics of the era and geographicalcharacteristics. Among them, many historicalbuildings were opened and operated as atourist attraction and service facilities after refurbishing.They greatly enhanced the culturalquality of Tianjin city, and promoted the developmentof tourism in the city.

It is understood that, on the basis of referencefrom domestic and international experienceas well as the actual situation in Tianjin, Tianjinhas made intensified efforts on the comprehensiverenovation of historical buildings likeFive-Avenue Area to make them an importantwindow of Tianjin. In urban construction andcomprehensive development of the HaiheRiver, Tianjin has mined, protected and refurbisheda large number of valuable historicalbuildings to enhance the cultural landscapeon both sides of the Haihe River and the city’scultural charm.

Tianjin has also developed other documentslike “Procedures of Determination HistoricalBuildings in Tianjin”, “Methods of Use and Manageof Historical Buildings in Tianjin”, whichperfect the legal system on historical buildingprotection and regulate effective protectionon legal basis. At the same time, protectionmanagement system and technology managementsystem of historical buildings were alsoestablished.

In addition, Tianjin has also carried out marketorientedoperation to develop relocation andrenovation of historical buildings. The relocationand renovation work could not onlychange the situation of group living and seriousdamage in the historical buildings, but alsoimprove the living condition of residents. Whatis more, the historical buildings are given newfunctions, which reflect the economic as wellas historical and cultural values.

Since October 2005, according to the legislation,the Historical Building Managing Ltd hascompleted relocation from 76 historical buildingsof 65,900 square meters in accordanceunder the principle of “government guidanceand market operation”.

The protection and use of historical buildings isa concrete manifestation of urban constructionand development. The protection of historicalbuildings in Tianjin comprehensively displaysthe characteristics of resources, and furtherpromotes the sustainable economic developmentin Tianjin.    Editor: Zhao Jing
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