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86.Nankai High School: the Alma Mater of two Premiers of China    2008-09-22 13:51

Since the Tianjin Nankai High School wasfounded more than one century ago, it has cultivatedinnumerable celebrities. Many graduatesof Nankai High School have made importantcontribution to the development of civilizationall around the world. Chinese former PremierZhou Enlai and current Premier Wen Jiabao areoutstanding representatives of Nankai alumnus.

Nankai High School is located at Nankai ForthRoad, occupying 31,548 square meters with theconstruction area of 19,178 square meters. It isthe original place of Nankai Schools (University,high school, elementary school, and womenmiddle school). The school was establishedby famous educators Yan Fansun and ZhangBoling in October, 1904,with a history of morethan one hundred years.

Zhou Enlai had been studying in Nankai HighSchool from 1913 to 1917. He aspired to “studyfor the sake of China’s growing up”. In 1919, afterthe foundation of Nankai University, he wasenrolled into arts major without examinationand accredited by Zhang Boling to announcethe Education Reformation Programs of NankaiUniversity in December, 1919. Yan Fansundescribed Zhou Enlai as “Premier-like talent”and sent him to France for further study underthe “Fansun Scholarship” of Nankai University.

On February 24, 1951, Premier Zhou Enlai wentback to his alma mater Nankai High Schooland gave important speech in Ruiting auditoriumto the teachers and students. He thoughthighly of the history of Nankai School and wasfull of confidence in Nankai’s future.

Premier Zhou wrote down a simple but popularsentence in Nankai Schools, that is, “I do loveNankai”. It demonstrated Premier Zhou’s emotionand concern to his Alma Mater.

Current Premier Wen Jiabao had been studyingat Nankai High School from 1954 to 1960. Aftergraduating from high school, he went back tohis Alma Mater three times in all, showing hisemotion to Nankai.

In 1994, when Nankai School celebrated its 90anniversaries, Wen Jiabao imprinted that “Nankaiis forever young” to express his deep love tohis hometown and Alma meter. On September26, 2002, Wen Jiabao went back for the thirdtime. It was already 10 o’clock in the evening.The moment he went through the school gate,he told the workers on duty that: “I just have acasual look. So do not disturb anybody.” Theschool was quiet and peaceful at night. Lookingat the bright Xiangyu Building, Wen Jiabaoasked thoughtfully: “When do the students endtheir evening classes?” One teacher said: “Atten o’clock. It is the time for them to go back todormitory.” Wen Jiabao said happily: “Let’s goto their dormitory and see the students.” In thedormitory of Class 2, Grade 1, he talked casuallywith the students. He said that: “Talentsfrom different places come to Nankai School,which makes the school develop better. Youmust work hard and repay our country.” Hishonest character, profound knowledge andmodest style reflect the humane spirit of NankaiSchool.

At the influence of the humane spirits ofNankai School, groups of students graduatefrom the school, practice in the society, andbecome the pillar of the nation. Besides thetwo Premiers, there are many other celebritiesfrom Nankai School, including 9 vice chairmenof the NPC Standing Committee and of the CPPCC,more than 40 ministerial-level leaders andmore than 60 renowned scientists.

Nankai High School is of great glory in Chineseeducation history and enjoys a high reputationall-around the world.    Editor: Zhao Jing
Preparatory & Coordination Committee of Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2008