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90.Tianjin Dagu Bridge wins Eugene · Figo award    2008-09-22 13:51

In 2006 International Bridge Conference heldin Pennsylvania, America, Dagu Bridge, whichis designed by Tianjin Urban ConstructionDesign Institute and constructed by UrbanConstruction Group, won the famous award—Eugene · Figo Award.

This is the first time for Tianjin Bridge to winthe top award after the Jiangyin Yangtze RiverBridge of Jiangsu Province in 2002 and theLupu Bridge of Shanghai in 2004. It was said inthe award reasons that: “Tianjin Dagu Bridgebecomes a landmark building because of itsincredible image and innovation as well as theoutstanding achievement in bridge field”.

Eugene · Figo Award is the top award in internationalbridge design, which was named afterfamous bridge designer—Eugene · Figo. It isestablished by International Bridge Conferenceto commend those landmark bridges full ofimagination which are built recently. The firstEugene · Figo Award was issued in June, 2002. Itis very strict to assess the bridges. If there is noone bridge could meet the terms of award, theaward would be left to the next year. On theother side, if there are more than one bridgemeeting the terms of award, only one bridgecould win the award.

On the base of design from famous bridgedesigner—Deng Wenzhong, Dagu Bridge waspreliminarily designed by the joint effort ofTianjin Urban Construction Design Instituteand T.Y.LIN INTERNATIONAL. Then, the constructiondesign plan was completed by TianjinUrban Construction Design Institute. Theconstruction work was undertaken by the ThirdCompany, the Fifth Company and Facility Companyof Tianjin Urban Construction Group.

The design of Dagu Bridge is “Sun and MoonArches” which was made up of two asymmetryarches. The height of the bigger arch is 39meters. It faces east and means the sun. Theheight of the smaller arch is 19 meters. It faceswest and means the moon. The length of thebridge is 154 meters, with three-span continuousbeam system. The design is unique and fullof modern elements. Dagu Bridge fully showsthe trend of bridge, that is, safe application,beautiful landscape, technical innovation andeconomic saving.

The construction of Dagu Bridge began on July6, 2003. The pavement of asphalt concrete wascomplete on October 6, 2004. The bridge surfaceis paved by epoxy asphalt concrete, whichsolved the joint problem of steel structure surfaceand asphalt concrete. This is the first useof this technology in North China.    Editor: Zhao Jing
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