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93.“Chinese Hollywood” in Dragon Valley of JixianCounty in Tianjin    2008-09-22 13:51

Tianjin is building Chinese cultural “silicon valley”or the “Chinese Hollywood” in Jixian County.

Dragon Valley Cultural City is located in JixianCounty, the junction of Beijing and Tianjin. It isnear the national Grade-five scenic spots witheconomic resources and cultural industries resourcesof Beijing and Tianjin on the back. It hasbecome a good reception platform for industrytransfer between Beijing and Tianjin. The locationof this project makes full use of transportfacilities of the seamless joint of Beijing-Pinggu,Jixian-Pinggu and Tianjin-Jixian Expressways.

Dragon Valley Cultural City has been listedin the key projects of Tianjin service industry.The investment comes from groups likeChinese Cultural Group of Beijing, ShanghaiGreenbelt Group. It costs RMB 30 billion yuan,with a planned area of 28 square kilometers.It consists of television production centre, themedia headquarters base, animation center,creative world, dynamic blocks, comprehensiveperforming arts center, indoor and outdoorphotography, art galleries, art hotel, art studiosand stars homes, the national arts institutionsand top commercial facilities.

It will take 5 years to build various kinds ofcultural facilities of 1.5 million square meters inthe Dragon Valley Cultural City. The cultural citywill consist of television, music, art, and mediafinally and become the Asian “silicon valley” ofecological culture, which tops the world in termof creativity. It is estimated that 65 thousandof population and 1,500 enterprises will movehere and 45 thousand employment opportunitieswill be created.

At present, developers are negotiating withseveral world-class cultural complex industrygroups to unfold cooperation concerning entertainment,media and leisure tourism industries.

Related insiders release that, as the most potentiallyrobust industry, the cultural industrywill turn out to be the key driving force for theworld economy. It is also commonly recognizedas promising industry in the 21st century.The Dragon Valley Cultural City is located atthe starting point of the circum-Bohai Bayeconomic rim and the junction of Beijing andTianjin. This place is of great potential, becauseit brings together the cultural industriesresources of Beijing and Tianjin. The growth ofBeijing and Tianjin will secure the developmentof the area, in terms of labor force, materialsand information.

At present, the International Guests Theatre,the landmark in Dragon Valley, has been completedand will be applied as State-level prizepresentation ceremonies in 2009. Up to 2010,all the cultural facilities in Dragon Valley will bebasically completed and performances, exhibitions,ceremonies, fashion press conferencescould be held at the same time.    Editor: Zhao Jing
Preparatory & Coordination Committee of Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2008