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97.Little Station Military Training Park, whichshows the evolution of modern militarytraining, has been basically completed    2008-09-22 13:51

As one of the subjects of “to see modern Chinain Tianjin”, Little Station Military Training Parkhas been basically completed. It consists ofsome important historical buildings like KungfuHall and the central Basilica which are built accordingto historical materials. Within the park,the Military Museum exhibits cold steels inancient China, hot weapons in modern times,as well as army clothing and quartermaster materialsin different periods.

Located at the Jinnan District in Tianjin, LittleStation Town was an important military baseto organize and train the new army during thecampaign to learn Western technology in thelate Qing Dynasty. This place contributed tothe conversion of cold and hot weapons inChina as well as created the first modern Chinesearmy.

Little Station Town was flourished because ofmilitary training and famous for its rice. Therewere five Presidents of the Republic of China,17 Prime Ministers and 28 Provincial Governorscame from Little Station Town. Through thissubject, the construction of Little Station MilitaryTraining Park will display the evolution ofmodern military training, reproduce the cultureof rice and form a new bright spot of “look atmodern China in Tianjin and look at modernTianjin in Little Station”.

It is understood that Jinnan District is also onthe construction of “military training station —tourism area in the Little Station Military TrainingPark of North China.” Based on the historicalfacts of military training in Little Station, theconstruction of tourist area takes the history ofNorth China, modern culture in Tianjin and riceculture of Little Station as skeleton. The keyfunctions of this area are historical display andinteractive emotional experience. It is a storythemestyle historical and cultural tourist areawith the functions of education, leisure, shoppingand meeting.    Editor: Zhao Jing
Preparatory & Coordination Committee of Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2008