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Indicators Framework
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Based on the current conditions of resources, environment and human settlement of the Eco-city site, the KPI framework has followed a human-oriented perspective and encompassed such four aspects as Healthy Ecological Environment, Social Harmony & Progress, Vibrant and Efficient Economy in 22 quantitative indicators and Integrated Regional Coordination in 4 qualitative indicators to guide the development of the Eco-city. It will also provide technical support and construction approaches to ensure that the development mode replicable, practicable and scalable.

In accordance with the four selection principles, i.e. (i) scientific and practical; (ii) qualitative and quantitative; (iii) unique characteristics & similarities and (iv) attainable and expandable, the KPI framework has retained the essence and heightened the standards of urban planning. It is a reflection of the new requirements in urban construction with emphasis on the preservation and restoration of the natural ecology, and will serve to construct a natural ecological system with sound ecological structure, enhanced service functions and superb environment quality, and a coordinated man-made environmental system.


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