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Dawning 5000 in mass production, Tianjin being top hub for manufacturing high-performance computers in China
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One of the 20 major indigenous innovation programs in Tianjin, the Dawning High-Performance Computer and its industrialization efforts are smoothly undergoing. Based on independent research and manufacturing and jointly developed by the Institute of Computing Technology of Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) and Dawning Information Industry Co., Ltd. , the Dawning 5000, which operates with a speed of 100 trillion times per second, officially came off the production line in Tianjin on Sept 16, 2008. China became the second country after the US to have made one-trillion ops per second computer through independent research, development and manufacturing.

Achievements with the Dawning 5000 have further accelerated Tianjin’s scaled industrialization drive of high-performance computers. The city has become the most important manufacturing base hub for high performance computer R&D and production in China. The Dawning Industrial Base, which covers 60 mu, was set up and put to use in July 2006. With an annual production capacity of 100,000 computers, the professional manufacturing base with advanced technology is seen as a milestone in the development of high-performance computers in China. Apart from production, the Dawning Industrial Base in Tianjin also plays a key role as a center for R&D. The base, together with the Beijing Dawning R&D Center and the Institute of Computing Technology under the CAS form a powerful R&D system.

Funded by the Institute of Computing Technology of the CAS, Tianjin Hi-tech Investment & Guaranty Co., Ltd. , and Beijing Dawning Computer Co. Ltd., the Tianjin Dawning Information Industry Co., Ltd. , relies on technical support from the Institute of Computing Technology of the CAS to work on the design, development, manufacturing and sales of high-performance computers and related software to meet the market demands from both home and abroad, including biotechnology development, oil drilling, general computing and weather forecast. This base has already applied for 15 patents, including three for invention and two for industry standards.

The successful production of Dawning 4000A in June of 2004, a top 10 supercomputer in the world with an operating speed of 11 trillion floating-points per second, made China the third country to develop 10 trillion floating-point high-performance computers after the US and Japan.

In June 2008, the Dawning 5000A broke that record with a capability of more than 100 trillions of computing operations per second. It made a stable and distinctive contribution for the data computation during the discovery of the one-billion-ton Caofeidian oilfield. The Dawning high-performance computer played a key role, earning its name in the industry as the “Oil Pioneer”.

The Dawning 5000 made China the second country after the US capable of manufacturing high-performance commercial computers with an operating speed of more than 100 trillion per second. This proves China’s world-class leading capability in the production, application and maintenance of high performance commercial computers. The Dawning high-performance computer has been dominating the domestic market for 12 consecutive years. It takes up more than 70 percent of marketing shares for domestic high-performance computers, and exceeds imported products in the field of high-performance computing cluster. Based on independent intellectual property rights, Dawning high-performance computer products have been widely applied in many fields and segments, such as government, education, finance, telecommunication, biology, weather forecast and oil exploration.


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