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Tianjin Jinneng Investment Company
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Being put into operation in 1992, Tianjin Jinneng Investment Company is mainly engaged in the investment, construction, operation and management of a number of energy industries such as electricity, heat, oil & gas and new energy industry. According to statistics collected by using equity method, up to the end of 2008, total assets of our company is RMB36.5 billion; its net assets is RMB11.3 billion; and registered capital is RMB 4.187 billion. It is currently in possession of 21 holding enterprises and 36 share-participating enterprises.

Through cooperating with state-own large-scale enterprises such as China Huaneng Group Corporation and China Datang Group Corporation in the investment field of electric power, our company has succeeded in developing 6511000KW installed capacity, which accounts for more than 86% of adjustable installed capacity of Tianjin City, thus fulfilling the requirements for electric power by economic and social development in the city.

In the field of urban concentrated heat supply, our company has made great efforts to develop concentrated heat supply via heat & electricity integrated production. Up to the end of 2008, Tianjin Thermal Power Company and Tianjin Jin'an Thermal Power Co., Ltd., - two wholly-owned and holding companies affiliated to our company have developed their capacity of concentrated heat supply via heat & electricity integrated production to more than 60 million square meters and covered 27.62 million square meters in concentrated heat supply, accounting for 23% of the total area of heat supply in the city. Accordingly, our company has taken lead in the improvement of thermal-source structure and the development of concentrated heat supply.

In the field of oil & gas sources, our company has participated in the construction of Shanjin Natural Gas Transmission Project and Crude Oil Depot Project in Coastal Industrial Zone, thus playing a vital role in such aspects as transmission and utilization of natural gas as well as loading, unloading, storage and transport of crude oil.

In the filed of new energy, our company has pushed forward such projects as green lithium ion battery, solar battery and wind-powered electricity generation, by means of conscientiously implementing national policies on renewable energy industry. Tianjin Lishen Battery Joint-Stock Co., Ltd. (a holding company affiliated to our company) has succeeded in producing 0.2 billion pieces of lithium battery every year and thus ranks a leading place among worldwide counterparts. Projects invested by our company, including solar battery, wind-powered electricity generation and battery material project, are presently under smooth way, with a promising future.

By 2008, our company has been included in "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises" for successively six years, and has been awarded as one of "Tianjin Top 100 Enterprises" for successively seven years.


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