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ROCKCHECK STEEL GROUP CO., LTD(hereinafter referred to be as ROCKCHECK STEEL)is a private enterprise. Besides taking steel as the main core business, it manages many items, such as international trade, garden virescence, mining development, coal chemical industry, resources comprehensive utilization and so on. The headquarters is located in Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area. With the registered capital of RMB 539,670,000 Yuan, it covers 460 hectares. Its total property amounts to RMB 5.5 billion Yuan, with 7,000 employees. And the annual sinter production reaches to 4.3 million tons, the annual iron 3.2 million tons, the annual steel 3 million tons, the annual material 2.2 million tons, acting as comprehensive productivity. In 2006, ROCKCHECK STEEL developed the activities of excavation signing, energy saving .It gained great achievement on production and management. In 2006, the sales income is RMB 22 billion Yuan, the profit taxes RMB 2.12 billion Yuan, the turned-in tax payment RMB 780 million Yuan, The company ranks in the 202nd member among Chinese Enterprise 500 strong, the 98th member among Chinese manufacturing industry 500 strong, the 108th member among Chinese Enterprise benefit 200 good. In 2007, the company ranks in the 159th member among Chinese Enterprise 500 strong, the 77th member among Chinese manufacturing industry 500 strong, the first member among Tianjin Private Enterprise 100 strong.

ROCKCHECK STEEL insists on people-oriented concept, coordinates completely the sustainable scientific development view and persists the new industrialization way. ROCKCHECK STEEL is striding towards the enterprise contains economy, green environmental protection, following the develop path with excellence, special, extract, expert. And it takes up with creating the feature of production, management, service of good service. Surrounding market demand, ROCKCHECK STEEL is devoted to continuous optimization and adjustment on the variety structure according to the idea of specialization production. ROCKCHECK STEEL passes the following three management systems one by one: ISO9001 quality, ISO14001 environment, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety.

In the process of rebuilding technology, ROCKCHECK STEEL always insists that there must be science effective management mechanism and rigorous institution system as guarantee, with the technical level enhancing rapidly. In this situation, it can exert function and efficiency completely. ROCKCHECK STEEL gets outstanding achievement on this process. At the same time, ROCKCHECK STEEL sets up institution systems, science effective core and professional management mechanism, and rigorous institution system which adapts for modern enterprise. ROCKCHECK STEEL also sets up parent-subsidiary company institution roundly and makes them to perform their own function, cooperate mutually, operate canonical. Then ROCKCHECK STEEL carries out all things depending on the institutions. ROCKCHECK STEEL builds up the idea of “digital steel” takes ERP system as the breach, and advances information construction generally. ROCKCHECK STEEL constructs the management system of modernization steel enterprise and the innovate system of production and craftwork which depends on the information and technology. It realizes the subtle control for product cost and quality. ROCKCHECK STEEL deepens reformation for “three systems” and establishes the distribution system and prompting mechanism to adapt market economy, and exerts the function and potency of each post adequately. ROCKCHECK STEEL sets up the system of science for financial risk prevention and control which from financial control system, institution ensure, prevention control, financial warning, audit surveillance and so on.

ROCKCHECK STEEL makes efforts to make enterprise culture with Zeitgeist and ROCKCHECK characteristic, develop the enterprise sprit with “constantly strive to become stronger, never stop struggling, and never say failure”, and carry forward the value idea of “to make the nation stronger with steel” and “to construct high-quality goods base, to create the world brand.”


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