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Beijiang Power plant
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Tianjin Beijiang Power Plants, located in Hangu District, is 60km away from the downtown of Tianjin and 20km from Tianjin Port and Economic - Technological Development Area. Tianjin Beijiang Power Plants Circular Economy Project has been put on the list of the initial circular economy pilot units in China and 20 major industrial projects in Tianjin. Total time of construction is 5 years. It will be fully completed in June 2010.

Project planning and construction of seawater desalination project, which is able to supply desalinated water to the society, is the nation's largest seawater desalination project. Adopting a "power generation - desalination - thick sea salt production - land resource saving - Waste Resource re-use" cycle economic model for electricity, water, salt and integrated development operations, and using water cooling towers for the first time in the domestic area. It will plays an important role in the recycling economy on China's economic model of sustainable development.


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