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Tianjin is the birth place of Tianjin University, the first university in modern Chinese education history. Nankai University, the Alma Mater of Zhou Enlai, first premier of the new China, also locates at Tianjin. Nankai High School, with hundreds years history, has become a pride thanks to its nurturing two premiers of the People Republic of China as well as over 50 academicians of CAS and CAE who are of big significance to China.

Tianjin is speeding up the practice of the strategies of Invigorating Tianjin Through Science and Education as well as Building Tianjin Through Talents. Now, there are 45 institutes of higher learning and 10 independent colleges in Tianjin, with a total of more than 420,000 registered students. The gross rate of students being accepted to institutions of higher learning has reached 55%. Tianjin is the third city to realizing higher education popularization. As the cradle of China vocational education, it’s also among the earliest regions in China to provide 9-year compulsory education, and among the top 3 in China in terms of regional education capability.

Year 2008 saw 14 scientific achievements of Tianjin being granted the State Science and Technology Prizes. Tianjin has 33 academicians, including 15 CAS academicians and 18 CAE academicians. In terms of the overall scientific and technological strength, Tianjin enjoys a leading position in China. Tianjin Hi-tech Industry Park, founded in 1988, is one of the first national new and high-tech industrial development zones approved by the State Council of China. For more than a decade, the major economic indicators in the park have undergone sustainable, sound and rapid growth, with an annual rate of over 30%.

Dawn 5000 hi-performance computer was successfully developed and produced in batch in 2008, as one of 20 key industrialization projects of self-innovation in Tianjin, which indicates that China has become the second country after America to independently design and manufacture hi-performance computer of hundred trillion times. Thus Tianjin became the most significant manufacturing base of hi-performance computer in China. On 3 July 2008, in addition to the success of Boer Goat Clone project, the project of Tianjin cloned high productivity cow was initiated formally, indicating Tianjin is getting closer towards state-of-the-art technology in the field of animal clone.


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