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Population, Employment and Living
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Tianjin has a permanent population of 11.15 million residents and a registered population of 9.59 million. Tianjin people have realized an overall improvement in their cultural quality in recent years. Of the permanent residents in Tianjin aged at 6 and above, 6.7% have received college education or above, and 8.0%, 23.7% and 40.5% of junior college, senior high school and junior high school education respectively. The population in Tianjin with college degree in each 100 thousand persons has been over 15,000, far above the national average, say, 6156 persons, and ranks the third in all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under central government of China.

Since the reform and opening-up, Tianjin employment scale has been in steady increase, with 1.8% increase rate of annual employed population year on year, exceeding 6.10 million, in which 44.9% in tertiary industry, taken on a trend of high quality employees gathering in tertiary industry. So far, the registered urban and town unemployment rate in Tianjin is maintained at a low level of approx.3.6%, still maintained at a low level.

The per-capita disposable income of Tianjin urban family has increased from RMB 388 at the beginning of reform and opening-up to RMB 19,423 of today, about 7.9 times increase if eliminating price factor. The consumption mix has also transferred from the traditional consumption for surviving to consumption for development.

By Registered Permanent Residents:Non-agricultural 60.51% Agricultural 39.49%

By Gender:Male 50.41% Female 49.59%


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