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Tianjin Museum

Located at Yinhe Square, Hexi District, it’s a large scale comprehensive cultural museum & touring site, integrating cultural relics collection, protection, study, education and entertainment into one entity. The museum looks like a swan going to fl y in exterior shape, with smooth lines, and it’s full of elements of times and art. It accommodates over 200 thousand pieces of relics, including unearthed, inherited relics and folk craftwork, such as oracle bones, bronze wares, potteries, porcelain, jade, royal seals, inkstones, paintings and books, antique money coins, stamps, etc., among which nearly one thousand pieces are national fi rst class cultural relics.

Tianjin Natural History Museum

Located at 206 Machang Road, Hexi District, it was approved as national A class museum, a comprehensive museum incorporating many fields, e.g, animals, plants, paleontologic and geological lives, etc. It accommodates nearly 400 thousand pieces of specimen of animals and plants, as well as fossils of paleontology and palaeoanthropology, ranking the fi rst of such in China. Ocean World Hall was newly added here in 2004, presenting fi sh and other marine lives.

Tianjin Science and Technology Museum

Located at Longchang Road, Hexi District, it’s a national 3A class touring sight and scientifi c education base. With a fl oor area of 30,000 m2 and a building area of 21,000 m2, it was formally opened to the public in 1995. Mr. Shiingshen Chern, the late international mathematician and American Chinese, had been honor director. There are 12 halls exhibiting over 300 pieces (sets), above 90% being operable. Its main global building, Universe Opera, features 360° sphere movie showing equipment and digital electric planetarium system, is the only theatre with planetarium function in China mainland till now. The collections at the museum integrate science, knowledge, fun, participation and art into one entity, introducing scientifi c and technological knowledge vividly by modern means, such as sound, light, electricity and computer, thus tourists may participate in the operation and experience the fun of science and technology.

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