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Ferris Wheel at Yongle Bridge
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Located at the headstream of the Haihe River—the Sancha Hekou, it’s adjacent to Gulou Commercial & Cultural Area and Dahutong Commercial Area. It has a diameter of up to 110 meters, with 48 cabinets accommodating 384 persons at the same time. Tourists may enjoy sights of surrounding areas within 40 km radius when the cabinet is rotated at the highest place, nearly the height of a 35-storey building, really matching the name of Eyes of Tianjin. It stands on the Yongle Bridge, being the only ferris wheel built on bridge in the world till today. Its wonderful and excelling design is worthy of the first in the world. Summer parties and many activities with special theme like Tianjin Guqu Opera, and Peking Opera, etc., are held here each summer, forming a unique Eyes of Tianjin cultural night market.


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