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Jinbin Development collaborate with Hangu to develop an innovative industrial park
http://www.tj-summerdavos.cn 2014-09-08 19:49

Tianjin Jinbin Development Co., Ltd. recently signed a Letter of Intent with Hangu District People’s Government on developing Hanggu Jinbi High-Tech Innovative Industrial Park—the biggest comprehensive high-tech park in Binhai.

It’s said that Hanggu Jinbin High-Tech Innovative Industrial Park is situated in the west part of Hangu Chemical Zone. It is 50 km from Tangshan, 60 km from Tianjin and 20 km from Tianjin Economic Development Area. The park will be constructed into a new industrial park integrated with product, office and life with concentrated layout. It will be a comprehensive and modern investment invitation platform in Hangu District. Binhai New Area will also grant discount interest loan, introduce venture capital to aid growing enterprises in the park.


Editor: Zhang Jialu
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