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11.Tianjin constructing a dockyard and shipyard hub for ships over 3 million tons
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Construction kicked off for China Shipbuilding and Offshore International Company Ltd.'s (CSIC) Tianjin Port dockyard and shipyard hub on December 10th, 2007. This is an important step to speed up the development and opening-up of the Binhai New Area as is stipulated in National Council's strategy, and is also an important step in CSIC's ship-building and -repairing capacity layout around the circum-Bohai Bay area.

CSIC develops major port equipments and facilities in the Binhai New Area with its own intellectual property rights, which plays a critical role in improving China's ship building industry's competitiveness in the world, developing Tianjin's ship industry and equipment manufacturing industry and building a northern international shipping center and logistic center.

The Binhai New Area's Administrative Committee, Tanggu local government and CSIC signed the supplementary agreement of Framework Agreement on Expediting the Moving of New Port Shipyard, taking the move as a valuable opportunity for transformation by carrying out large-scaled dockyard and shipyard hub projects in the Lin'gang (Harbor) industrial area. The base will develop major ship-building and -repairing industry, oceanic engineering and related equipment manufacturing industry. A modern assembly dockyard and shipyard hub will be built into one that is equipped with advanced facilities, good management, top-class technology, unique features and environmental protection measures. Tianjin New Port Shipyard will move into the new site on the completion of the base construction.

This CSIC base is located in Tianjin Lin'gang (Harbor) Industrial Area, with a total investment of 10 billion yuan, covering an area of 3.5 square kilometers and will be put into operation at the end of 2011. It is estimated that by year 2010, its building capacity will reach 1.5 million dead weight tons, maintaining 100 ships, running 2 oceanic projects, with the sales revenue of 10 billion yuan and the tax of 1 billion yuan. By 2015, its building capacity will reach 3 million dead weight tons, repairing 200 ships, running 4 oceanic projects.

Presently, the 950,000-square-meter vacuum preloading area in the base's ship repairing area has been completed and the construction of the dockyard officially started in March, 2009. 800,000-square-meter vacuum preloading area in the base's ship building area was completed in July, 2009 and the rest 450,000 square meters will be completed in October, 2009.


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