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10.Construction of National Animation and Comic Industry Comprehensive Demonstration Park undergoing in Tianjin’s Binhai New Area
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Culture Development Strategy Cooperation Framework Agreement was signed by Tianjin Municipal Government and the Ministry of Culture in March, 2009, setting to build National Animation and Comic Industry Comprehensive Demonstration Park, the biggest of its kind in China, in Sino-Singaporean Tianjin Ecologic City in Tianjin’s Binhai New Area. The construction of the park kicked off in Sino-Singaporean Tianjin Ecologic City on July 1st, 2009.

The demonstration park covers an area of 1 square kilometer, with total building area of 620,000 square meters, including creative playwright and planning area, R&D and incubation area, comprehensive service area, high-end equipment integration and intellectually generated product integration base, high-end office area, animation and comic training institute and animation and comic theme park. The park is designed to be a “state-level, high-standard, international, large-scale, intensified and open animation and comic industry comprehensive demonstration park”. It is planned to establish China Animation and Comic Group as the operating and developing body for the National Animation and Comic Industrial Park, which will generate a comprehensive turnover of 10 billion yuan in three years, creating 5 to 10 animations and 20 to 30 extended products, and will become an economic entity with a turnover of over 100 billion yuan in ten years, with a number of products, self-owned TV channels, mobile phone animation and comic channels and 3 to 5 theme parks in the country.

By July, 2009, the design of land dredging and filling and road pipe system for National Animation and Comic Industry Comprehensive Demonstration Park had been completed; the marginal road network is under rapid construction and by the end of the year, all the road construction projects in initial areas will have been finished. The construction of supporting facilities is now in full swing, including the construction of accommodation, commercial, cultural and educational facilities. In the second half of the year, construction of a number of other projects will begin, including the community center, the landmark R&D Building in the south of the industrial park, civil service center, The First Middle School, public accommodation and ecological residential buildings.

Sino-Singaporean Tianjin Ecologic City Administration Committee has defined the cultural and creative industry as the major area for investment promotion and will make full use of National Animation and Comic Industry Comprehensive Demonstration Park as a good platform and carrier, to substantially play its role as a leader in this field, by introducing a range of major projects essential to the definition and development of the park, which include financial services, headquarter economy, service out-sourcing, education and training, ecological tourism and other modern services and relevant fields.

So far, several companies have shown their intention to participate in the development of the park. SNDA, the largest interactive entertainment media company in China, has signed a cooperative agreement with Ecologic City to build its northern business base in the city. Communication University of China will establish in the city an international animation institute, including National Animation and Comic International Communication and Research Center and Animation and Comic Institute Teaching and Creating Base of Communication University of China, and start the planning of creative projects of high-quality original TV animation series, animation movies and neo-media digital content, aiming to create at least one top-quality animation product of China in 3 to 5 years. Reader Magazine Group will also establish Reader Magazine Group National Cultural and Creative Center and Reader Neo-Media Company in the park, focusing on the production and publication of animation and comic products.


Editor: Zhang Jialu
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