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9.Tianjin building up a cultural center
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Tianjin Municipal Committee and Municipal Government have been determined to plan on and develop Tianjin CulturalCenter in order to cater for the fast development of Tianjin’s economic and social development, further identifying the city’s development orientation, improving the city’s cultural services, and creating Tianjin’s image and meeting the increasing needs of the local people in culture. It is proposed that the cultural center will be focused on “culture, human-orientation and ecology”, and will be built into a regional landmark with top standard, advanced concept and diverse resources.

Since May, 2008, Tianjin Municipal Planning Bureau has called for world-wide participation in Cultural Center and Regional City Planning design and single building design, and organized assessment work by experts and proposal optimization. In more than a year’s time, over 30 domestic and overseas cultural architecture design organizations had participated and more than 100 proposals had been received. More than 20 rounds of further modification and refinement had been carried out, and 16 academicians and renowned experts had formed a judges’ panel to appraise and select the proposals on single building architecture design and extensive consultation had been carried out among the local people.

According to the plan, the center will be built in Hexi District, and located to the east of Guest Hotel and Tianjin Grand Auditorium, bordering Leyuan Street in the north, Pingjiang Street in the south, Youyi Road in the west and Longchang Road in the east, with an area of 90 hectares. This area enjoys a favorable environment, surrounded by important public facilities including Zhonghua Opera House, Tianjin Science and Technology Museum, Tianjin Museum and Yinhe Park. The general planning of the Cultural Center area was finalized in 2008 after an open competition for city design proposals worldwide.

The general design for the city’s Cultural Center area is: Yinhe Park and Tianjin Entertainment Park will provide the open green space for the area with their green trees and lakes; a landscape zone will extend from Tianjin Grand Auditorium to the east with Tianjin Opera House alongside facing the lake. To the south of the lake, Tianjin Museum (now Nature Museum) and Zhonghua Opera House will be modified to be integrated in the present city planning while maintaining their original features. Tianjin Museum, Tianjin Gallery and Tianjin Library will be located in a line stretching from west to east, forming a cultural zone. To the north of the lake, there will be Tianjin Young People’s Activity Center and Tianjin Entertainment Center. According to the planning, the cultural zone in the south will be featured with elegant buildings while Tianjin Young People’s Activity Center and Tianjin Entertainment Center will be characterized with dynamism. Buildings on these two zones will interact and coordinate with one another in their size, design and building material, and set off the freshness and grandeur of Tianjin Grand Opera House.

In the aspect of transportation, the design proposal takes into consideration of the feature of regional population concentration. Based on the regional transportation network, four railways in the central city area will serve the transportation to the Cultural Center to ensure accessible and highly-efficient transportation service and fast disperse of the population. At the same time, the marginal local road network will be improved with the development of underground transportation to provide adequate transportation service to the area.


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