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6.Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (TEDA) accelerates construction of a new economic growth platform for China
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After 25 years’ development, TEDA, one of the first batch State-level economic and technological development areas in the country, has grown into a beautiful modern area from a barren saline-alkali land. TEDA has innumerable workshops and is covered by parks and greenbelts now. It has become an important gateway for Tianjin’s reform and opening-up campaign and a major drive force for the Municipality’s economic development.

Being a crucial part of China’s opening up policy and step-by-step opening-up strategy, TEDA was established in December of 1984 with a total planned area of 33 square kilometers. Since 2003, TEDA initiated the development in its western part with a planned area of 48 square kilometers. In addition, there are also three satellite development areas in the neighborhood, namely Micro-electronics Industrial Area, Yixian Scientific and Industrial Zone and a chemical industrial area.

At present, foreign investment in TEDA concentrates in four leading industries, including electronics and communications industry represented by Motorola and Samsung, automobile and machinery manufacturing industry represented by FAW-Toyota and SEW, pharmaceutical industry represented by GlaxoSmithKline and Novonordisk, and food & beverage industry represented by Ting Hsin and Coca Cola.

Furthermore, the development potential of some emerging industries are coming out of horizon, such as energy conservation and environmental protection segment represented by Vestas and Dongqi Wind & Electricity Power, and space industry represented by the carrier manufacturing base. Modern service industries including finance, logistics, exhibition, consultation and service outsourcing, are also growing. TEDA achieved significant result in attracting foreign investment in 2008, with 133 foreign-funded enterprises newly approved, 192 foreign-funded enterprises increasing their capital, 86 projects exceeding 10 million yuan, contracted foreign investment reaching US$7.096 billion, foreign investment in place reaching US$2.51 billion with an increase by 15.1 percent and 30.1 percent respectively. TEDA is also actively attracting domestic investment, with registered domestic investment of 50.5 billion yuan for the whole year and a six-time increase. Meanwhile, modern service industries, especially financial service, are rapidly emerging with 82 service-oriented foreign-funded enterprises newly approved for the year and contracted foreign investment US$2.354 billion. TEDA witnesses a growing variety of non-bank financial products, with 98 privately issued funds, accounting for 90 percent for the year.

As the strongest developing area in China in terms of comprehensive economic index, TEDA has been devoted to developing service out-sourcing, and has observed a fast growth in this industry.

TEDA has established its orientation in service out-sourcing industry by providing a vast and unique range of information services such as software, IC design and information technology application, pooling some 50 internationally leading service out-sourcing businesses with a total investment of 4.66 billion yuan. Service out-sourcing enterprises are the leading businesses today, most of which are domestic-funded and private ones.

The industry of information technology application service out-sourcing has netted CSC, ACS, IBM and other Fortune Top 500 multi-national companies. In the area of IC design, Freescale and Nanda-Qiangxin are taking the lead in the industry nation wide. In the field of software, a number of businesses have settled in TEDA, which include Neusoft, Cybersoft, Newpalm, Palm Commerce and Taiyida. In the area of information security industry, several organizations and companies play a critical role, which includes National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center, Fortinet and Kaspersky. In the field of pharmaceutical R&D, domestic leading companies in CRO industry including PharmaTech are also entering the area. A number of businesses including the Chartered Bank, Everbright Bank and Tencent have established their service centers in TEDA.

TEDA assigned the last land devoted to project use for the establishment of Service Out-sourcing Industrial Park in 2008, providing valuable information, policies and resource-sharing platform to the enterprises in the area. At the same time, it is building an “International Office” in the circum-Bohai Bay area, pooling resources from the neighboring area and inviting a number of international and domestic out-sourcing businesses.

The construction of Service Out-Sourcing Industrial Park, which occupies an area of 890,000 square meters and has a total planned building area of 1.52 million square meters, is expected to be finished in the second half of 2009. Businesses already confirmed to station in the park include Dalian Software Park, Vimicro, Huaxin, the Chartered Bank, Tencent and Everbright Bank.

According to the planning, the gross sales of service out-sourcing industry, which is strongly supported by TEDA, will reach 5 to 6 billion yuan by 2010, with 6 to 8 large-scaled enterprises with a turnover over 500 million yuan introduced and supported and number of staff reaching 50,000 to 60,000.


Editor: Zhang Jialu
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