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2.Space Development Strategic Planning prepared for the future layout of Tia
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For the purpose of further implementing the General Planning of the Tianjin Municipal 2005-2020, and based on the decision and planning of the Municipal Committee and Government, the preparation work on Tianjin Municipal Space Development Strategic Planning (the Strategic Planning) started in May, 2008 and the initial draft was completed after more than a year’s preparation. The Strategic Planning was open for the consultation with the public from June 3rd to 12th, 2009, which has further improved and sophisticated the plan with different ideas and concepts contributed.

In order to build an “International Port City, Northern Economic Center and Ecological City” as planned by the State Council, the Strategic Planning puts forward the general strategy of “two cities and two ports; complementary expansion; one critical developing zone to promote the development on its two sides; and ecological development”. The Strategic Planning bears in mind the overall development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province, aiming to serve the Bohai-Rim area, opening to the North-East Asia and planning for Tianjin’s long-term development both from a regional and international perspective. The Strategic Planning is pinpointed to optimize the space planning and to upgrade the function of the city.

In line with this general strategy, the Strategic Planning plans to have the coordinated and complementary development of three layers, further clarifying the functions and developing directions of the Binhai New Area, major city areas and all districts and counties. It is also expected to adjust and improve the space structure and developing strategies and to optimize the allocation of critical resources to facilitate the shaping of a well-resourced and diversified city developing structure.

The Strategic Planning puts forward the developing strategy of “a core area with two ports and the support of nine functional areas, which is playing the role as a powerhouse for development” for the Binhai New Area. The Strategic Planning aims to fully explore the potential of the area in its leading position as an economic driving force and a window, and for its function in demonstration, service and presentation. It is also part of the plan that the Binhai New Area is to integrate into and serve other regions, including expanding the cooperation and communication with Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei Province, circum-Bohai Bay Area and North-East Asia. The Binhai New Area is supposed to be built into a window for Northern China, a high-end modern hub for manufacturing industry and research and R&D transformation, a northern center for international shipping and logistics, a prosperous, harmonious and beautiful ecological new city, which is habitable. For the core city areas, the Strategic Planning proposes the developing strategy of “one core with two supplementary ones; developmental expansion alongside the river; further functional upgrading”. The planning aims to help alleviate the problems of the overly concentration of the city functions, pressure of ever-growing population, transportation and the environment, and to enhance the urban comprehensive service functions and shape its image as a modern metropolitan. For the marginal districts and counties, the Strategic Planning puts forward the strategy of “newly-emerging clusters of counties with diversified developing emphasis”, which is to highlight the developing features of different areas to enhance the interaction between rural and urban areas and to expedite the development of these areas.

In terms of the implementation of the strategies, the Strategic Planning proposes that the developing undertaking should be planned with three layers of development coordinated and integrated. The priority should lie in a balance among continuous development, ever-enhanced function and ecological protection. The work should be well organized, with the present, short-term and long-term purposes taken into consideration. The development should be maintained, in accordance with its high-standard planning, and be carried out with high quality work and managed efficiently. It is proposed that after three years of intensive construction, Tianjin will present its special historical and cultural features and unique natural environment with modern metropolitan atmosphere, and the construction of Tianjin into an international port, northern economic center and ecological city will be pushed forward.


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