91.Tianjin to build the biggest polar aquarium in China
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In the near future, Tianjin residents will have the chance to closely contact sea lions and seals, instead of going to Dalian Polar Sea World. With an investment of 1.6 billion yuan and a planned construction area of 187,000 square meters, Tianjin Polar Sea World broke the ground and started construction on May 23, 2008.

Tianjin Polar Sea World is located in the Xiangluo Wan Business District, which consists of emerging business, commerce, and tourism and leisure functions area in the Binhai New Area. It will include five functional areas: polar aquarium, sunshine tour city, hotel-style apartments, city tourism board and Carnival Avenue.

These five functional areas are supportive to each other, which make effective integration of tourism and science education to provide tourism services such as experiencing, touring, leisure, entertainment, dining, shopping, and accommodation to visitors in one place.

The Polar Aquarium is one of the major projects of Tianjin Polar Sea World as well as the biggest polar aquarium in China once completed. The distinctive shape of aquarium is similar to a whale with a height of 32 meters and a construction area of 42,000 square meters. This modeling was designed by American RPVA company, which once participated in the design of Disneyland. It also brought in the designing idea of Japanese Dentsu advertising company.

It is expected that in the spring of 2010, people could enjoy close contact with polar marine animals: they can see rare polar animals and marine life in an artificial polar world, such as romantic white whale, aggressive polar bears, tame penguins, agile otters, and huge sea lions.

Tianjin Polar Sea World will bring visitors a strong flavor of polar sea culture through displaying distinctive features of the Ocean, the polar unique style, and the atmosphere of harmonious coexistence between man and the nature. At that time, residents could play in the park for free, enjoying the beautiful view as well as learning marine science knowledge.

Tianjin Polar Sea World is one of key projects of Xiangluo Wan Business District. It will become a tourism spot and landmark building of the Binhai New Area, Tianjin, and even the whole North China region.


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