97.Little Station Military Training Museum showcases evolution of modern military training of modern China
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As one of the subjects of “to see modern China in Tianjin”, Little Station Military Training Park has been basically completed. It consists of some important historical buildings like Kungfu Hall and the central Basilica which are built according to historical materials. Within the park, the Military Museum exhibits cold steels in ancient China, hot weapons in modern times, as well as army clothing and quartermaster materials in different periods.

Located at the Jinnan District in Tianjin, Little Station Town was an important military base to organize and train the new army during the campaign to learn Western technology in the late Qing Dynasty. This place contributed to the conversion of cold and hot weapons in China as well as created the first modern Chinese army.

Little Station Town was flourished because of military training and famous for its rice. There were five Presidents of the Republic of China, 17 Prime Ministers and 28 Provincial Governors coming from Little Station Town. The Little Station Military Training Park is expected to fully showcase the evolution of modern military training, reproducing the culture of rice and forming a new bright spot of “look at modern China in Tianjin and look at modern Tianjin in Little Station”.

It is reported that Jinnan District is also undertaking the construction of “military training station — tourism area of Beiyang Little Station Military Training Park.” Based on the historical facts of military training in Little Station, the construction of tourist area takes the Beiyang history, modern culture in Tianjin and rice culture of Little Station as skeleton. The key Sketch map of New Army’s barracks functions of this area are historical display and interactive emotional experience. It is a story-theme style historical and cultural tourist area with the functions of education, leisure, shopping and meeting. It combines the characteristic of theme park, relics park and cultural museum.


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