94.Zhou Enlai & Deng Yingchao Memorial Hall plays an educational role with its multi functions and has received more than 5 million visitors from both home and abroad
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Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao are two great role models in their generation. Zhou Enlai & Deng Yingchao Memorial Hall plays an educational role with its multiple functions and has received more than 5 million visitors from both home and abroad. It has become an important hub for people to commemorate these two great persons, learn Chinese modern history and undertake literary research.

Located in the scenic area of Tianjin Water Park, Zhou Enlai & Deng Yingchao Memorial Hall covers 70 thousand square meters with a construction area of 10.5 thousand square meters. The main buildings are dignified and simple. Outside the hall, there are the Memorial Square, the giant granite statue named as “to behold a high mountain or a great man with awe”, the pavilion and the memorial forest, with grass and flowers being mutual background. The ethereal environment and solemn atmosphere highlight the elegant demeanor of these two great persons.

Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao were great proletarian revolutionaries, statesmen, firm Marxists and outstanding leaders of the Party and the country as well. They spent their young age in Tianjin. They met, knew and fell in love as well as went on the revolutionary road with each other in Tianjin where they regarded as their second hometown. They left wills to scatter their ashes after death in the mountains and rivers of the motherland, especially the Haihe River in Tianjin.

In order to reminisce the great achievements and noble qualities of Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao, Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and Tianjin Municipal Government decided and got the approval from the CPC Central Committee that Zhou Enlai & Deng Yingchao Memorial Hall would be constructed for opening to the public before February 28, 1998, the anniversary Zhou Enlai’s birth of a hundred years.

Collections in the Hall are rich and the value of heritages is precious. Within the Hall, there are more than 10,000 pieces artifacts, documents, photographs and other materials. Among them more than 100 pieces are precious treasures, including the ashes urn that contained the ashes of these two great persons and the IL-14 plane and Jim car that had taken Zhou Enlai to travel all over the nation and many foreign countries as well as their correspondences.

The main memorial hall consists of Viewing Hall, Life Hall and Special Plane Hall to fully demonstrate the great achievements and the lofty character demeanor of the two great persons in their generation.

In the frontispiece of Viewing Hall, there is a white marble statue of Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao, named as “deep love full of the rivers and mountains”. The background of the main statue is a huge wall-hanging named “broad sea and smooth cloud”. On both sides, the embossed wall was engraved some historical pictures reflecting the May 4th Movement, the Nanchang Uprising, Red Army’s Long March, the Xi’an Incident, the founding ceremony of People’s Republic of China, and the national construction as well.

There are 9 parts in Life Hall according to historical periods and subjects, namely “charisma of a great man (woman), the pursuit of truth, saving China, managing State affairs, leading women’s movement, turning the tide, inheriting great cause, living forever, and the last wish”. Through 463 historic photos, 700 pieces of cultural relics and literature, this hall comprehensively and systematically demonstrates the magnificent and brilliant life of Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao.

The IL-14 aircraft numbered as No 678 is displayed in Special Plane Hall. It was a present that the USSR gave Premier Zhou Enlai in August, 1957. Since 1957 to the mid-1960s, Zhou Enlai went to many places both at home and aboard by this plane.

In February of this year, work staff from Zhou Enlai & Deng Yingchao Memorial Hall spent one year and a half to complete the reconstruction project of the Xihua Hall in Zhongnanhai. “Xihua Hall” was built in accordance with the layout and style of Xihua Hall in Zhongnanhai in 1960s by the proportion of 1:1. It was an office and residence place of Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao, after People’s Republic of China was founded.

In May 2008, the Zhou Enlai & Deng Yingchao Memorial Hall was named as the national level museum by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage.


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