93.“Chinese Hollywood” at Dragon Valley of Jixian County in Tianjin
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Tianjin is building Chinese cultural “silicon valley” or the “Chinese Hollywood” in the Dragon Valley of Jixian County.

Dragon Valley Cultural City is located in Jixian County, the junction point of Beijing and Tianjin. It is close to the national five-A scenic spots with economic resources and cultural industries resources of Beijing and Tianjin on the back. It has become a good receptive platform for industry transfer between Beijing and Tianjin. The location of this project makes full use of transport facilities of the seamless connection of Beijing-Pinggu, Jixian-Pinggu and Tianjin-Jixian Expressways.

Dragon Valley Cultural City has been listed as one of the key projects of Tianjin service industry. The investment comes from groups like Chinese Cultural Group of Beijing, Shanghai Greenbelt Group. It involves an investment of RMB 30 billion yuan, with a planned area of 28 square kilometers. It consists of television production centre, the media headquarter base, animation center, creative world, dynamic blocks, comprehensive performing arts center, indoor and outdoor photographic fields, art galleries, art hotel, art studios and stars residences, the national arts institutions and top commercial facilities.

It will take 5 years to build various kinds of cultural facilities of 1.5 million square meters in the Dragon Valley Cultural City. The cultural city will consist of television, music, art, and media finally and become the Asian “silicon valley” of ecological culture, which tops the world in term of creativity. It is estimated that 65 thousand of population and 1,500 enterprises will move here and 45 thousand employment positions will be created.

Industrial insiders analyze that, as the most potentially robust industry, the cultural industry will turn out to be the key driving force for the world economy. It is also commonly recognized as a promising industry in the 21st century. The Dragon Valley Cultural City is located at the starting point of the circum-Bohai Bay economic rim and the junction point of Beijing and Tianjin. This place is of great potential, because it brings together the cultural industrial resources of Beijing and Tianjin. The growth of Beijing and Tianjin will secure the development of the area, in terms of labor force, materials and information.

The Dragon Valley project is expected to fetch an investment of 1.5 billion yuan in 2009, with 1.14 billion yuan in place already, which accounts for 76.24 percent of the total planned investment sum for the year. By the end of June, the first-phase A area of the project, a residence district with a space of 70,000 square meters, have finished construction with decoration undergoing. The construction of the B area, a residence district of 40,000 square meters, has been almost done. The second floor of the art gallery is under construction, while 300,000 cubic meter of earth has been removed for the man-made lake.


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