87.Tianjin Olympic Center: the“Water Drop”
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On August 6, 2008, Chinese Women Football Team kicked off their first match of Beijing Olympic Games in Tianjin Olympic Center. This modern stadium witnessed the hard work and honor of Chinese team again.

Tianjin is the biggest open coastal city in the north of China and a co-host city of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium is one of the soccer fields for Beijing Olympic Games, and 12 soccer matches have been held in this field. Its distinctive shape is like a beautiful bouncing water drop.

Tianjin Olympic Center is located in the southwest of the urban area of Tianjin. It consists of the sports ground and the comprehensive area. The sports ground consists of Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium, Tianjin Olympic Aquatic Sports Center, Tianjin Olympic International Sports Communication Center, and Tianjin Gymnasium. The comprehensive area consists of eco-business area, boutique business area and top residence.

The subject of sports area is water — the source of life. This area makes full use of the advantage of abundant water in the southwest of the urban area of Tianjin. It is built above the water and has a distinctive shape like a water drop. Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium, Tianjin Olympic Aquatic Sports Center, and Tianjin Gymnasium are like three water drops above water with different gestures.

The environment in Tianjin Olympic Center is advantaged, with large area of water forming a beautiful water-scene. Stadiums in sports area are connected by water. It is really a poetic beautiful view.

The length from south to north of the stadium is 380 meters, while from east to west is 270 meters, and the height is 53 meters. It covers 7.8 hectares, with a construction area of 158 thousand square meters and a roof area of 77 thousand square meters. There are more than 60 thousand seats for the audience. The stadium can not only meet the need of international soccer and track and field matches, but also have ancillary facilities like market, exhibition, meeting hall and fitness room to combine leisure, entertainment, fitness, and shopping together.

The skeleton of Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium is made of concrete with steel pipe in the roof, and the wall is made of sunshine board, metal and glass. The area of the wall reaches to more than 70 thousand square meters, which is rare in stadiums. Seamless concrete design is used in the framework, without any seam in the round length of thousands meters. The stadium makes use of terrestrial heat as the heating source, using three terrestrial heat wells and water-source heating pump. At the same time, the artificial lake could be used to refrigerate, which reflect the idea of energy conservation.

Tianjin Olympic center is in concert with the southern move of city development. It not only becomes the most important central area of finance, business and residence, but also creates a multi-functional business circle of international level


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