Tianjin Commercial Sector Enhances Service Quality to Welcome Summer Davos
http://www.tj-summerdavos.cn 2014-09-08 19:52

To welcome the upcoming Summer Davos, Tianjin Municipal Commission of Commerce, together with professional associations, has launched a series of trainings themed “Making Davos Guests Satisfied in Golden-autumn Tianjin”and participated by department stores, catering and other service trades under the guidance of well-known experts, scholars and service stars invited to enhance service quality, hoping Tianjin will properly display the charisma of the city as a commercial and trade center in North China.

It is reported that Tianjin Municipal Commission of Commerce has also offered inspection and supervision to characteristic business streets and key enterprises while holding the trainings. The aim of doing so is to urge enterprises to reinforce the quality control in the process of merchandising, to guarantee that all products comply with related national standard and industrial standard, to be strict in suppliers’ qualification, to strengthen the management of claims for invoices and certificates, to establish and improve suppliers’ files, to ensure the quality safety of products in circulation domain, especially food and drugs, to urge enterprises to intensify employees’ training, to improve service quality, standardize service behaviors, to value customer experiences and feedback, to trace customers’ comments, and to make sure the service is beyond related national standard and industrial standard. The enterprises must have belief in honesty and integrity, observe fair competition, genuine goods and fair price, and resist at one’s own free will false promotion and commercial fraud.


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