Delivery Ceremony of Vehicles for 2012 Tianjin Summer Davos Held 2014-09-08 19:52

Tianjin Wuchan Group Haowu Electromechanical Company provides 420 vehicles for 2012 Tianjin Summer Davos free to receive over 1600 guests from more than 90 countries and regions. On September 3, the delivery ceremony was held at the front square of Meijiang Conference and Exhibition Center. Xuefeng Ren, Deputy Mayor of Tianjin and leaders of Davos Preparatory Office, Bureau of Municipal Government Offices Administration and Tianjin Wuchan Group were present.

In his address, Mr. Xuefeng Ren expressed gratefulness to Tianjin Wuchan Group for their efforts in the preparation of 2012 Tianjin Summer Davos. He said, “Tianjin Wuchan Group, as a member of Davos Foundation, has provided great support and assistance to the Davos forums held by Tianjin. I hope that the group will further international cooperation, expand international operation taking the advantage of this Davos forum and make their new contributions for the development of Tianjin economy and society.

Tianjin Wuchan Group is the only enterprise in Tianjin that ranks within Fortune Global 500, and Haowu Electromechanical Company, a subordinate of Tianjin Wuchan Group, ranks top 10 of China’s automobile dealers. The company has won the partnership to provide vehicles for large-scale conferences and exhibitions held in Tianjin, and by now, it has served TWAS’s General Conference and 2012 Tianjin Summer Davos as well.

Annual Meeting of the New Champions Tianjin Preparatory Office