[Replay] Interactive Session-Sustainable Health Systems in the Future Economy
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Sustainable Health Systems in the Future Economy
How are emerging countries creating sustainable health systems?
14.15 - 15.15 Sep. 12
Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center - Davos
Chen Zhu, Minister of Health of the People's Republic of China
Rachel Duan, President and Chief Executive Officer, GE Healthcare China, People's Republic of China
Muhammad Ali Pate, Minister of State for Health of Nigeria; Global Agenda Council on Population Growth
Kim Stratton, Head, Group Country Management and External Affairs, Novartis International, Switzerland
Desmond Thio, President, Healthcare Greater China, Royal Philips Electronics, People's Republic of China

Asher Hasan
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Naya Jeevan, Pakistan; Social Entrepreneur

Anne Eiting Klamar
President and Chief Executive Officer, Midmark Corporation, USA



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