Tianjin Municipality relegates powers to Binhai New Area for examining and approving more than 200 matters 2014-09-08 19:55

  As of February 2011, Tianjin Municipality has relegated a batch of powers of examination and approval to Binhai New Area. In March 2012, April and July 2013, Tianjin Municipal People’s Government successively in another three times transferred tens of powers of examination and approval to Binhai New Area, relating to enterprise investment project verification & approval and filing, public area health and many other aspects. At present, Binhai New Are can independently undertake 236 city-level examination and approval matters and 33 functional duties. Binhai New Area Government has consolidated internal examination and approval functions within its departments to firstly establish a system of “New Area Processing New Area Matters” and implement combination of administrative examination and approval functions. It took one week to complete examination and approval for enterprise incorporation in the past. This can be finished on the day at present. Besides enterprises, Binhai New Area Administrative Service Center also extends services to residents by setting up 13 convenient service offices in urban and rural communities (villages). In the meantime, Binhai New Area Tianjin Bonded Zone Investment Service Center opens 4 counters to process all registration formalities for enterprises free of charge. It is learnt that the average time limit for processing and completion by Binhai New Area Administrative Service Center has been shortened from 8.75 days to 5.74 days, accelerating by 34.4%, which has made Binhai New Area most efficient in examination and approval across Tianjin.

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