This year Tianjin Port receives 70 cruise liners and 250,000 visiting passengers 2014-09-08 19:55

  In this year’s cruise liner season for about 8 months, Tianjin Port received 70 international luxury cruise liners, rising by 100% over the previous year, while receiving more than 250,000 passengers, increasing by 108% over the previous year, both numbers creating a record high. With constant improvement of Tianjin cruise liner infrastructure, many international cruise liner companies have opened visiting port routes and home port routes, and Mary Queen II, Diamond Princess and other international top-grade cruise liners have visited Tianjin Port successively. The rapid development of cruise liner business has also promoted the development of Tianjin’s cruise liner industry and effectively driven the development of high-end tourist markets of Beijing, Tianjin and neighboring regions.

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