Tianjin formally implements the Fresh Air Action Plan 2014-09-08 19:55

  In October 2013, Tianjin formally approved the “Beautiful Tianjin No.1 Project”, and the Fresh Air Action Plan in the project launched the first battle for treating haze weather. In the released Fresh Air Action Plan, there are two indicators attracting much attention. First, by 2017 Tianjin’s annual average PM2.5 density will fall 25% from that of 2012; second, within five years Tianjin’s coal consumption amount will reduce 10 million tons from that of 2012. According to the new planning, in the following two years, Tianjin’s 163 boiler rooms will finish transformation from using coal to using gas. Besides coal control, vehicle control, dust control, industrial environmental pollution control and environmental entry control are also key contents of this hazy treatment action of Tianjin.

Annual Meeting of the New Champions Tianjin Preparatory Office