Tianjin: Strengthen the level of medical and health service, making people see a doctor more conveniently 2014-09-08 19:55

  On August 27, 2013, Tianjin released the Planning and Implementing Scheme for Deepening Reform of Medical and Health System during “the 12th Five-year Plan”. By 2015, the city’s basic medical and health services level and efficiency will improve significantly; governmental investment in health and basic medical insurance will account for a gradually increased proportion in the regular fiscal expenditure, significantly reducing the burden on the masses; personal health spending will decline to account for 29% in the proportion of total health expenditure, effectively mitigating the problems of difficult and expensive medical treatment. Average life expectancy will reach 81.5 years, infant mortality and maternal mortality rates will be controlled respectively below 6% and 10/100,000, and the main health indicators of urban and rural residents will take a leading position nationwide.

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