Tianjin aviation and aerospace industry takes shape 2014-09-08 19:55

  The industry posted a 39.6% rise in the first two month of 2012, following a 33.8% growth and a CNY 22.77 billion industrial output in 2011. An aviation and aerospace industrial system of “three aircrafts, one rocket, one satellite and one station” (large aircraft, helicopter, drone aircraft, launch vehicle, direct broadcast satellite and space station) has been established. The total economic output of the industry is expected to be CNY 100 billion by 2015, including CNY 20 billion from related services such as air traffic control, leasing, logistics, training and business services.

  It lasted nine months from the final assembly to the successful flight of the first Airbus A320. Now the production speed has reached 3 aircrafts per month. The 100th aircraft will be delivered in 2012 and the production capacity is going to reach 4 aircrafts each month.

  The construction of new generation heavy-lift carrier rocket industrialization base is making smooth progress. A total of CNY 2 billion has been invested since the first phase construction started in June 2008. All of the more than 30 individual items have been completed except the vibration tower, which is expected to complete in September 2012. Information center, tank welding assembly plant, thermal insulation layer construction plant, compound material plant and forging plant have been put into operation to ensure the smooth operation of research and production.

  The construction of AVIC Helicopter Tianjin Base is in progress. The headquarters and the R&D center are in the fine decoration stage. The production base, which has a construction area of 63 000 m2, will be inspected and opened. The base includes power station, painting hangar, control tower, flight test hangar and repair hangar. Special garage, jet fuel experiment plant and staff office building will be included within 2012. AVIC Helicopter Tianjin Base has delivered the 10 helicopters throughout the year, aiming at a delivery of 20 units in 2012. It will become one of the major helicopter suppliers in the global markets by 2015, when it reaches annual production of more than 300 units.

  Projects related to super spacecrafts, represented by the manned space station project, have kicked off in Tianjin. The planned assembly test and experiment center covers an area of 100 000 m2, including seven functional divisions such as the assembly test and thermodynamic test. The center is targeted to be a premium global base of assembly, test and experiment for mega aerospace vehicles.

  The drone aircraft project, or the Tianjin Aerospace Shenzhou Aerial Vehicle Industrial Base has been under construction since September 2010. The construction of the research building has been completed. Skeletons of No.1 and No.2 steel-framed plants have been finished. The construction of the runway has been basically completed. The first-phase construction will be finished and used for production by year end.

  According to the city’s “12th Five-year Plan” on aviation and aerospace industry development, the industrial structure, which can be summarized as “three aircrafts, one rocket, one satellite and one space station”, is the focus of the city’s aviation and aerospace industry to promote industrial consolidation in the aerospace city, the west zone of TEDA and Binhai Hi-Tech Industrial Development Area. In addition to cultivate the area into a first-class aviation and aerospace industrial manufacturing, research and industrialization base in Asia Pacific region, Tianjin will also develop three affiliated industrial zones in Dongli Aviation Industry Zone, Jinnan Shuanggang Industry Zone and Ninghe Modern Industry Zone in a bid to back up the industry and improve the industrial chain, expanding the upstream R&D and relevant designs.

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