Tianjin Theater Museum 2014-09-08 19:55

  Tianjin Theater Museum is housed in the Guangdong Guild Hall which was built in 1903. The Guangdong Guild Hall is one of the best-preserved ones following the architectural style of the Qing Dynasty. Its main body features a classical theatrical stage, whose spacious space, daedal design and delicate decoration make it an architecture treasure. Famous artists like Mei Lanfang and Shang Xiaoyun once staged performances here. In 1985, the local government planned to restore the Guild Hall and transform it into a theater museum featuring collection, storage, research, exhibition and publicity of historical relics and materials of dramas. Tianjin Theater Museum opened to the public on January 1, 1986. Deng Yingchao, a famous social activist and former premier Zhou Enlai’s wife, inscribed its name, and Cao Yu, a famed dramatist, was appointed its honorary curator. The Museum has held various exhibitions like The Development History of Chinese Drama, The Development History of Peking Opera, Restoration of the Master Hall, Restoration of Chinese Classical Theater and Characters of Chinese Dramas, bringing the audience closer to Chinese drama. Its classical theatrical stage holds drama performances and serves as a film shooting base.

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