Tianjin Tourism: a Quick Overview 2014-09-08 19:55

  Tianjin, one of China's directly-controlled municipalities and the biggest open coastal city in North China, is a famous historical and cultural city among the first batch of China's excellent tourism cities. Tianjin borders the capital city—Beijing, is bounded to the east by the Bohai Sea and to the north by the Yanshan mountain range. It boasts rich tourism resources including not only extensive physical resources like mountains, rivers, lakes, wetlands and spring ponds, but also unique human resources which epitomize the century-long history of modern China and the integration of Chinese and western culture.

  To develop into an ecological city, international port city and economic center in North China, Tianjin has been creating a better tourism environment featuring rich historical and cultural deposits, unique natural landscapes as well as a modern touch of metropolis. It has been constantly reinventing itself as a majestic and marvelous city where the East meets the West, and tradition merges with modernity. Currently Tianjin ranks among the fastest-growing tourism areas in China.

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