Ancient Times
Source:  2018-05-24 14:54:39

  Tianjin lies on an alluvial plain which emerged after marine regression. As early as 100,000 years ago, in the Paleolithic Period, there were human beings living in what’s Jixian County today.

  About 5,500 years ago, a regression started after the last marine transgression. About 4,000 years ago, today’s Tianjin city proper emerged as land above sea level.

  About 3,600 years ago, in an effort to combat the flood, a river was dug to divert flood from the Yellow River to the sea near today’s Tianjin. After that, the Yellow River flowed to the sea through Tianjin for three times, coupled by the flowing of other rivers like Daqing River, Yongding River, Ziya River, North Canal, etc. A large amount of sediment silted up and formed an alluvial plain, hence the gradual eastward movement of the coastline.

  In the Spring and Autumn Period (about 2,100 years ago), the coastline was east of today’s Zhangguizhuang, Jugezhuang and Shajingzi.

  According to archaeological discoveries, many densely populated villages already appeared in Tianjin plain in the Warring States period. In the suburbs of Tianjin, there are remains of up to 50 villages.

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