Intangible Cultural Heritages
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"Clay Figurine Zhang” colored sculptures

products of “kite wei”

Yangliuqing Woodblock New Year Paintings  The paintings have a historyof 600 years and originated from the millennial town Yangliuqing. Their artistic style is a combination of the essences of Chinese fine brush paintings in heavy color and folk woodblock paintings. With realistic and symbolic techniques, the paintings reflect local people’s daily life, folk customs and historical stories. Popular among the people, they are acclaimed as the acme of Chinese woodblock new year paintings.

“Clay Figurine Zhang”  Colored Sculptures Zhang Mingshan (1826-1906),founder of the “Clay Figurine Zhang”, developed a unique technique to mold true-to-life clay figurines within his sleeves without looking. His creations, whose themes ranged from folk customs and folk stories to staged operas, were not only delicate in shape, but also vivid in spirit. With well-chosen materials and bright colors, the clay figurines would remain lifelike and intact over a long period of time.

Kite Wei  Wei Yuantai (1872-1961) wasa famous kite-making craftsman who created successively 200 kinds of kites in his life, such as flat style, cubic style, stringed style, integrated style, and combinational style. The kites made by him were named “Kite Wei”. It will take 8 manual procedures to make a Wei-style kite. It can be taken apart, folded, and spread out. This folk handicraft is ideal for appreciation, collection, and entertainment.