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The Memorial to Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao

Tianjin was a busy industrial and commercial city in modern times; today’s Tianjin shines like a pearl on the Bohai Bay. The century-old Heping Road Golden Street and Nanshi Food Street both show typical Tianjin flavor; Tianjin Municipal Cultural Center, Tai’an Road British Style Tourist Area, Water Park and other modern urban leisure places all create a relaxed atmosphere in the modern city; Tianjin Museum and other museums record the history of Tianjin, and display the profound cultural heritages of Tianjin.

Tai’andao British Style Tourist Area  It is located at the center of Tianjin cityproper. It is at the focal point of modern finance, business,tourism, and modern service sector, as well as a historic and cultural block clarified in the overall development plan of Tianjin. The Astor Hotel, the former Kailuan Coal Mining Administration, and the Anglican Church are there.

Hepinglu Golden Street  The 2,100m Golden Street is one of the 10 mostfamous commercial streets in China. With Heping Road and Binjiang Road forming a golden cross, this area has become the most prosperous commercial zone in Tianjin. Along the golden street are western-style buildings, such as Quanye Bazaar, Huizhong Restaurant, Jiaotong Restaurant, and Guomin Restaurant, which have nearly 100 years’history.On both sides of the street stand both old stores with time-honored Chinese brands and exclusive shops of international fashion. It is an ideal choice for tourism, leisure, entertainment, and shopping.

Ancient Culture Street  With Tianhou Temple as its center, the state-level5A tourist area consists of the southern street and the northern street, with a total length of 680 meters. Its history can be traced back to 1404. The buildings imitate the styles of Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) Dynasties, and the shops on the street mostly sell traditional Chinese stationery, jade, porcelain, etc. Each year,traditional temple fairs and Matzu Culture Tourism Festival are held here.

Local Food in Tianjin  There are numeroussnacks with distinctive local flavor.Tianjin Cuisine is a unique cuisine in China, which has developed over hundreds of years. Restaurants with Tianjin characteristics can be found almost everywhere, the most famous ones being Goubuli Baozi,Zhengyangchun Roast Duck, as well as time-honored local brand Hongqishun, a Muslim restaurant with 80-year history. People can taste the specialties and explore the charm of local culture.

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