Tour along the Haihe River
Source:  2018-06-04 19:33:49

With several rivers flowing through, Tianjin has long been known as the water city in the north. The 72km Haihe River meanders through the city and flows into Bohai Sea. The Haihe River has nurtured the people in Tianjin, also cultivating the unique character of the city of Tianjin. After comprehensive development, the river demonstrates its strong service functions as an economic belt, cultural belt, and scenic belt. Taking a boat, one can enjoy the wonderful sights of the modern metropolis along the river. The tourist elements along the river, ranging from food to housing, transport, shopping and entertainment, all highlight the distinct glamour of Tianjin.

“Tianjin Eye” Ferris Wheel  It is the only Ferris wheel in the world that is builton a bridge. With a diameter of 110 meters and 48 cabins, the Ferris wheel can accommodate 384 people at the same time. At its highest point, which is equivalent to the height of 35 floors, the tourists can enjoy scenery around 40 kilometers, hence the name “Tianjin Eye”.

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