Leisure Tour in Binhai New Area
Source: Enorth.com.cn  2018-06-13 15:52:19

Tianjin International Cruise Home Port

Located at the eastern coastal area, Binhai New Area boasts plentiful tourist resources, including the sea, port, bay, fort, the Haihe Bund Park, the Polar Ocean World, Expo Tianjin Pavilion, and the international cruise home port, as well as unique tourist products based on the industrial tourist resources such as the Airbus A320 Family Aircraft Tianjin Assembly Line and Tianjin Port.

Binhai New Area Cultural Center  Located in the CBD of Binhai New Area, thecultural center has a floor space of 312,000 sq m and is a unique comprehensive facility that combines the Modern City and Industry Exploration Hall, the Modern Art Gallery, a library, a show center, a citizen activity center and a cultural corridor. The deliberately designed Binhai New Area Library enables readers to be ”immersed” in a sea of books.

The Haihe River Bund Park  Located near the estuary of the Haihe Riverin Binhai New Area, it is a modern urban scenic area integrating leisure, entertainment, shopping, and food. The park consists of 5 parts: the entertainment area, the commerce and leisure area, the landscape area, the high-stand landscape area, and the fountain landscape area. Its whole landscape water area is about 9,000 sq m. The Oriental Princess Cruise, which is berthed beside the park, is known as a “water star-rated hotel” integrating catering, entertainment, recreation, and sightseeing.

Binhai Liyumen  Lying at the center of Binhai New Area, it covers an area of60,000 sq m. Its buildings, mostly courtyard dwellings, are in the style of Ming and Qing Dynasties. Here, visitors can not only enjoy the local seafood products, but also take the boat, worship the sea goddess Matzu, or go fishing in the sea.

Ancient Forest and Ancient CoastMuseum  It is located in the core shell dike region of Tianjin National Nature Reserve of Ancient Coast and Binhai Liyumen Wetland. The museum and the nature reserve cover 2,200 sq m and 6 hectares respectively. They systematically demonstrate the geological changes of Tianjin.

Tianjin Haichang Polar Ocean World  It is located in Xiangluowan CentralBusiness District in Binhai New Area, south of the Haihe River. It consists of 4 functional areas: Polar Aquarium, Finland Apartment, Polar Commercial Circle, and Danish Castle.

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