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5 Star: Sheraton Tianjin Hotel;  
     Golden Crown Hotel
Astor Hotel
     Crystal Palace Hotel
 4 Star: Hyatt Regency Hotel
     Tianyu Hotel
Holiday Inn
     Meidu Hotel
Super Garden Hotel
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Power Dekor, China's biggest wood flooring company, has plans to go global after earning a 12 percent share in the nation's home market - twice that of the sector's second-largest domestic´Full Story>>
As a promising "new champion" city, Tianjin will stick to the principle of sustainable growth, with more efforts devoted to´Full Story>>
  Tianjin Panoramas
On the west coast of the Pacific Ocean and the seashore of Bohai, a city of hope is springing up; at the banks of Haihe River, a new-champion city emerged. That is the city of Tianjin, China, which locates 120 kilometers away from Capital Beijing. If you take the first high-speed train of China which runs between Tianjin and Beijing at a speed of 350 kilometers an hour from Beijing, you can arrive in Tianjin in only 30 minutes.

With a history of 600 years and a 30-year experience of reform and opening, Tianjin is marching at the forefront of development in China, Asia, and even the world.