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Travel Agencies
China Int'l Travel Service+86 22 28109988
China Travel Service+86 22 23535288
China Youth Travel Service+86 22 87308600
0Classical Holiday Int'l Travel Service+86 22 23062062
Star Hotels
 5 Star: Sheraton Tianjin Hotel;
     Golden Crown Hotel
     Astor Hotel
     Crystal Palace Hotel
 4 Star: Hyatt Regency Hotel
     Tianyu Hotel
     Holiday Inn
     Meidu Hotel
     Super Garden Hotel
Special Restaurants
Go Believe Headquarter ,Kiessling Restaurant ,Yueweixian Seafood Restaurant
Hongqishun Restaurant (Muslim), Yuzun Grand Restaurant, Tsui Hang Village Restaurant  
Shopping Places
Youyi Store, Zowee Department Store, International Store, Quanyechang Store
Department Store, Binjiang Shopping Mall, Istan Shopping Mall, Lebin Shopping Department  
Theatrical Performance
China Great Theatre, China Theatre, Tianjin Binhu Theatre
Tianjin People's Art Theatre
Qian Xiang Yi Tea House
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Tianjin People Hospital, Tianjin Medical University
Tianjin 1st Central Hopital, Tianjin Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Tianjin Central Hospital of Cerebral System
Other Useful Information
Zone Telephone CodeChina +86 Tianjin 022
Tianjin Touring Service Hotline+86 22 12301
Tianjin Touring Complaint Telephone+86 22 28359093
Tianjin Common Service Hotline+86 22 88908890
Touring along the Haihe River | The 72 km long Haihe River winds through the city to Bohai Sea.[Full story]
Sights of Binhai New Area | It boasts special sightseeing spots, e.g., sea, gulf, Haihe Bund Park, etc.[Full Story]
Metropolitan Touring | Tianjin boasts numerous renowned streets, full of Tianjin commercial tastes[Full Story]
Scenic Spots in the Suburbs | The Ji County mountains make a back garden of Tianjin and Beijing.[Full Story]
Understanding Modern China through Tianjin | In modern times, Tianjin was one of the fi rst cities in China to get in touch with western civilization. Many foreign style buildings with various features were built and reserved, especially the historical building complex represented by Wudadao Outlandish Tourist Area. [Full Story]
  Main Attractions
  Thematic Tourism
| City Tour      
Haihe Dock Garden of Serenity Porcelain House
Book Mansion JianfuTemple Olympic Center
| County Tour      
Pan Mountain Huangyaguan Jizhou Cave
Dagukou Fort Shi's Mansion New Year Painting
Taking CRH Sightseeing in Tianjin!!1st Chinese Railway High-speed intercity train;highest speed can be up to 350 km/h.[Fullstory]
Self-driving Tour!!Tianjin is a key transportation hub of north China, with convenient transportation.You can fully enjoy the beautiful scenery.[Full Story]
Delicious Tour!!Food is important in life. Visitors coming to Tianjin may enjoy the unique cateringculture of Tianjin.[Full Story]
Religious Culture Tour !!Tianjin is a city of multi-ethnic groups, multi-religion and culture tolerance. [Full Story]
Study Tour!!Tianjin is one of the most important bases of study tour of China. [Full Story]
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  Industry & Agriculture Tourism
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| Industry
Tiens Group ,Tasly
| Agriculture
Caozhuang Flower Market, Maojiayu Resort  
| Tourist Festivals
Mazu Cultural Fair, Yuyang Golden Autumn Fair [More]
| Handicrafts
Clay Figurine Zhang Colorful Sculpture [More]